01. Briefing

RAH Partners invests significant effort in getting to know clients' businesses and culture "inside out". This allows the firm to represent clients from an insider's perspective and with conviction. This advocacy goes down well with candidates and enhances a client's reputation in the market.

The first stage of every assignment therefore is to take detailed briefings in order to establish a clear and detailed understanding of the organisation, the role and the candidate specifications which apply. RAH Partners then prepares the necessary background papers required to describe the client organisation and the role to potential candidates.

02. Research

The approach to identifying and profiling the target population of candidates is both meticulous and creative and findings are shared completely and regularly with the client throughout the process. The firm's well known market specialism gives it excellent access to the best candidates within the buy side (most of whom know the firm and its protagonists and will have done so for several years in many cases), it also unearths and tracks new and emerging talent, both within specialist markets and outside.

03. Execution

The firm's reputation in the market as well as its intelligent, informed and measured approach with candidates ensures successful access to people who often find head-hunter approaches irksome. RAH Partner's ability to make good judgements about candidate's personal and professional attributes and its thorough referencing ensures that clients have a full and balanced picture of a potential candidate before progressing. Similarly, the firm's desire to know its clients as well as possible, means that candidates are given a full, well informed and frank picture of the relevant opportunity.

04. Completion

Completion is ultimately what determines the success of an assignment and this can be the most challenging and for candidate, the most emotional part of the process. The firm's ability to get close to both client and candidate and represent them with honesty and pragmatism comes to the fore. RAH Partners is known for its commitment and tenacity in delivering a solution that makes a difference to both parties.